Email Marketing in Egypt

AyKew websites’ design company can arrange regular campaigns to market your products using the existing mailing lists and websites as you can easily, through this service, control your marketing process and advertise for the new product cheaply and effectively.

By sending HTML emails you can guarantee that many people will receive your newsletter, as you edit your newsletter by adding images or texts to become attractive and effective.

Through this service you can:

  •      Configure.
  •      Configure block.
  •       Search from
  •       Search.
  •       Navigation.
  •       List links.
  •        Edit menu.
  •        Add content.
  •        Contact.
  •        Feed aggregator.

The Importance of E-mail Marketing:

      Tighten the relationships with the customers by letting them manage their E-mail.
      E-mail marketing will help in increasing the income by persuading customers to buy the product immediately.
      Sending the newsletter about your products and services, will introduce people about the services you provide.
     Direct more people to surf your website and encourage them to buy your product.